Saturday, March 14, 2009

Viral Sickness... again... "Just my Luck!"

So, here it is again. I'm sick. This time it's already "chicken pox". I think I've eaten so much chicken.. :P

I think I caught it when I was sick about 2 weeks ago. Because I remember that I was sick on Ma'am Shawie's birthday. So, after about 2 weeks, the blisters came out.

It first came out Friday night. I had about 2 blisters at that time. In the middle of the night, I woke up because I accidentally touch one blister and pop it went. At first, I didn't know what it was. I didn't want it to be anything. But whatever, it had to be.

So, I just came from the doc who confirmed with his diagnosis that it was chicken pox. He said that there's some epidemic going around right now. Either German measles, chicken pox, or sore eyes. He also joked about maybe during the next month or so, I would come right back to him and say i have sore eyes. :P

As you can remember, on January something, I also had German measles. Just my luck!

So now I've got alot of meds to take. And I'm trying to not scratch the hell out of me. It's so darn itchy. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

But whatever. Que sera sera. I can do nothing about this.

As you know, next week is our exam week. Thursday is the end of the quarter. The doctor gave me a certificate to not go to school until Wednesday only so that I could take retests that day. Only if I'm already well. He told me that if I just show my teachers how I am right now, they would most probably say "Ok! Don't come to school with that ok?" :D

So anyways, I think I need to take a shower now and then put cream on every single blister I have. Can you even imagine? Gosh!

Whatever. That's all i can say. "Whatever".

Ok. So whatever... let's just hope and pray together that I get well soon, and hope the drugs help me.



Friday, March 13, 2009

My American Idol madness....


There are some updates in this new season of AI.
  • First of all, there's a new judge, Kara Dioguardi. She is an American songwriter, record producer, and singer who writes music in the light pop-rock genre and has worked with Celine Dion, David Archuleta, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Paula Abdul.

~Simon, Kara, Paula & Randy~

  • Secondly, instead top 12 contestants, this season we have 13, 11 of which are in these photos down here.

~(left top:) Anoop, Megan, Matt, Danny, Kris, (left down:) Michael, Allison, ADAM!, Alexis, Scott & Lil'. ~

~(Not in the photo:) Jorge & Jasmine~

  • I want you to know my bet for this season. A guy who got me at first look. It was love a first sight. Or maybe hear.. i dunno. This guy already has upstage experience. A few years back, he was a main star in the musical "Wicked" in Broadway. He was so cool and cool and very handsome or shall I say "hawt".

~This is him: ADAM LAMBERT. The love of my life. <3~

~Singing "Dust in the Wind"~

~AI Photoshoot~

~ Singing "Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones in Elimination week.~
-In this performance, he was said to be the mixture of Stevie Wright meets Mick Jagger meets Robert Pattinson. I was so proud of him~

~This is the video of him singing "Satisfaction", which was rumored to be a better version than Mick Jagger's. :P~

-The moment, I laid eyes on him and heard him sing, I knew he was destined for ginormous success in this competition.-


  • There's a big set back for me and for all of his fans... HE'S SO GAY!!! Trust me, when I heard this, my heart was pulverized into nothing. How could this be happening. I was so sure about him... I cried and cried... I still can't get over it.

  • This week, the first actual performance on the big stage, they had the theme "Michael Jackson. So he sang "Black & White", which was apparently a very good choice since the judges were all:
  • Paula: "For the first time in Idol history, you are the first one that we saw that was comfortable and seasoned on that stage... You married fashion with music. You got the whole package. And I believe we'll be seeing you here for a long run."
  • Simon: "You are totally in a different league with everything else we've seen tonight. The vocals were perfect, it was an original version of yours
  • Randy:"You know what? You could just go right now and record an album, and I'm sure that it would just soar up the charts."
  • Kara: "You hit all the notes perfectly... and I hope that Michael J. is watching this tongiht."
  • []

  • So, it was first elimination this week, and 2 people went home. Those two were Jasmine and Jorge.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

KoreaNovela that I'm currently crazy about...

OK, I'm sorry I've not written anything recently... I'm kinda busy and stuff you know... :D But thankfully, I'm here again.. blogging.

I started watching this KoreaNovela (Korean Series) last week. It just intrigued me at first because it was a korean version of Meteor Garden(Taiwanese) and Hana Yori Dango(Japanese). I watched both of those a long time ago, so I was interested and I just actually wanted to take a peek at it. But when I started watching it, it totally captured my attention. Not because the plot was interesting enough for me or anything... but because there's this guy that I'm so crazy about... Kim Bum~!

This is him!!!!

He totally captured all my attention and all my heart!!!!
SO totally in love with him!

So, this is what I'm up to now, aside from practicing or stressing about my upcoming talent show, this is what I do.
Anyways, just earlier today, we went to Platinum to buy or "custome" for our performance, it was very tiring, but still fun. We had to go round and round looking for everything and anything... Hours and hours later, we finally found the right dress. I went with a layered short dress [or is it a shirt], black and white. So black and white just became me and Meg's motif. FYI, we're singing a duet, Halo. And I'm doing a solo performance, A thousand miles [the song that plays here].

We're pretty psyched about it... i think... I don't know what I'm gonna do with my hair and make-up and all yet... can anybody help me. I tried to put make up on just now, it was a disaster... but we sorted it out eventually. Well, this is really, really stressful... I wonder what would actually happen that day... hmmm...

Oh! I have a poem recital tomorrow! No! I have to memorize it... and act it out?!?!

Well, with all this worries, I don't think I'll ever get bored... I hope not....
Well, I have to continue stressing about everything and anything now...

PS. I'm planning on taking a video of our performance. It depends on the outcome first... and if it's good enough for people to see, I'll post it online... hahahahaha...
so wish good luck...

PS(2). We're having our[HS] talent show on Thursday, Feb 26. Wish us luck.. please pray for us... :D :P


Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Vacation [part 2]


Dec. 28: Our flights from Kalibo-Manila-Cagayan... (it was very, very tiring... and we also had to sid in the bus for 3 very long and sick and jet-lagged hours... i really don't like traveling that much)

Dec. 29: We had a mini reunion in MVC. Together with my Claveria family and also hte Caballero Family combined... it was very fun with all of the games my older cousins have prepared...

*these pictures were from a blindfold game where whoever gets the most cotton balls when the time runs out, then he/she will be the winner!*

*the Claveria girls... the original Claveria girls left have... may the rest rest in peace*


talikogenic... (backbeauty)
put your handz up!

*these photos were taken when my ate and I took a walk around MVC*

*things why I love MVC... they have pretty plants and lots of dogs...*

Dec 30: Did nothing.. just stayed home... and watched TV...

they cooked and I just ate...

*the food*

*the family(still in my pjs...)*

*me and my mom and the some of the Caballeros*


*the cake/icing fight*

*FIREWORKS... (wherever you are in the world... even where I was that moment... there's always fireworks when the clock strikes 12)*

Jan. 1: At 1 o'clock we had our morning worship.. so that we won't have toy wake up early... I almost slept through the whole day... just stayed home...

Jan. 2: Went to the city... went to Penshoppe and Jollibee and Dunkin... and bought Magnolia Ice cream mango flavor (my all time fave in PH and the reason I got sick... until now)*

Jan. 3: my blooper day.... It was a saturday... and I bumped my head 2 times in the Galloper, slipped while riding it, I fell while walking down the steps in the big church and I scraped my knee badly... All in a day's work... We had a potluck... and ate the ice cream and then I got a sorethroat later that day and so did all of my couzins who with me... (we, Claveria kids, have very sensitive throats...)

*Kuya Fritz, Ate DJ, me & Kuya Pep*

(Kuya Fritz is pretty cute huh? hehehehehe... he's actually my uncle... in my father's side... but he's also my couzin-to-be(maybe) in my mother's side.. LOL)

Jan. 4
: We had to wake up at 4 o'clock early in the morning. My aunt and uncle were sending us to my hometown which was 6 hours away. It was a really long day for us... so tiring too... But it was a good thing we rode the galloper, it was way more comfortable than riding a bus. (when i said comfortable I mean I could pee whenever I wanted to... I peed at the side of the road... thank goodness that the place was isolated.. hahahaha...)

Jan. 5: Went to the school where I was studying in before EIS. And there I met a few of my Elementary classmates and my high school classmates. I missed them very much.

Jan. 6: I went to General Santos City... there I shopped and shopped... didn't buy alot of things though, most wan't worth all that money... I realized I love the stuff here in TH way better... they're more worth it...

Jan. 7: We went back to GenSan again... and then we bought the stuff we brought back here to TH.

Jan. 8: Traveling time again... I had to pack very quickly and then we were sent by my uncle to GenSan airport and then the plane was delayed again. And then we met our other friends in the NAIA . We had a fun time there... eating and waiting the whole time... we also got to go to another plane because the first plane we boarded had some problems in its engine... it was too stressful and very tiring for me... especially because I was already sick since then... hahahahaha... I was so happy when my head hit my pillow, my own beloved pillow.. and also my beloved bed... oh how i missed TH... hahhahahh...

*So, it was a lot of stress and work and money to have a vacation like this... it was so tiring... every single day I had to do something... :(
Well, I'm glad it's done... but not that glad about the going to class again part... since I'm already well... :(
Well, just gotta bear with it... Hay naku! Well, that's life... we just have to deal with it the way we usually deal with it...*


My Vacation [part 1]

So, I said that I'm gonna write about my vacation... so here it is...

Well, technically, I'm not really in the mood of writing too much so I'm just gonna make it as short as it can get.

Dec. 21:We arrived at NAIA. W/ some family friends.
*watching "meet the Robinsons" with the kids... at the airport...*

Dec. 22:Arrive at Kalibo, Aklan where my relatives in my father's side are living.

Dec. 23: We traveled 5 hours by bus to Iloilo City where I was born. And I got to see my childhood friends there.

Dec. 24: Came back to Kalibo. Then had a Christmas Eve celebration there with family.

*unclear Xmas lights in New Washington, Kalibo, Aklan.*

Dec. 25: On my Christmas 2008, we went to Boracay! Known to be one of the country's most popular tourist destination.

*When we arrive in Caticlan, Aklan. Boracay Island. w/ my Aunt and my cuz.*

*While me and my ate were walking all the way from the island you can see from my back, where our hotel was located...
I had to walk all the way... imagine...*
*My cuz said that this is the "groto" (or something else that sounds like that..), and that this is where most movies, teleseries are shot like:
Marina, Your song (specifically:Sayang na sayang, My only hope, Sabihin mo na) and you can see in the pic in the left, I was trying to take a pic of myself and the coconut tree(, cuz this was the spot where a person in the movie wanted to commit suicide but then had second thoughts but when she backed up, her foot accidentally hit a rock and then she slipped off the mini islet. )*

*Then we went to have a swim at the sea,
(this is the first time for a very,very long time since I went to swim in saltwater beacause since I've been to Thailand, I've never swam in saltwater)*

*I was trying to go for an "Aquamarine" pose or image or something you know.... but it turned out like this... it was too against the lights*

*This is in front of the Mandarin Hotel and Regency Hotel...I really liked their lights and stuff so I gotta take a pic with it...
(sorry it's kinda blurry pictures... it's really semi-dark there)*

*just random pics i took in Bora...
(I really liked it there... not bad honestly for PH standards)*

Dec. 26: still in Bora...

*Boracay sand castles (castilyo'ng buhangin)*

Dec. 27: Went to church... be continued...